Top 6 Things To Do In Kerala!


This celestial south Indian state is one of the most sought after destination across the globe .Kerala is known for its sublime locations and exuberant culture as well. Hence, it’s almost impossible to experience all the shades of the place in just one visit but there are some things which you should definitely not miss on while your visit to Kerala.

1. Enjoy The Home Stay
Home stay is one of the best and primary things that you should experience when in Kerala. This can help you get a closer sneak peak to the rich local culture of the state. Fishing, farming and canoeing are some of the rural activities that you can indulge in during your home stay. You will get ample of choices for your home stay like Kumbalangi Integrated Tourism Village in different villages which can be booked in advance as well. There are homestay options that will suit all budget requirements.

2. Experience The Power Of Ayurveda

kerala-ayurvedaPhoto by Fabrice Florin, CC BY-SA 2.0

Kerala is popular all over world for its Ayurveda prowess and healing system. There are various Ayurveda treatment centers that have surpassed all foreign and native intrusions. You can choose amongst the various massages and yoga exercises that will rejuvenate your mind and soul completely. The abundance of natural resources and the climate make Kerala the best place to witness the miracle of natural and oldest healthcare system- Ayurveda.

3. Go For A Food Tour

payasamPhoto by Manish Chauhan, CC BY 2.0

Kerala is well-known for its cuisine that mainly comprises of sea-food and its coconut flavors. Right from fish-fry to the traditional payasam (sweet dish), you get it all here in Kerala. If you still do not feel content after satisfying your taste buds, you can try your hands on Kerala style cooking. You can choose a proper culinary course or go for casual cooking lessons.

4. Houseboat Ride In Backwaters

BackwatersPhoto by Simply CVR, CC BY-ND 2.0

A trip to Kerala can never seem complete without experiencing the mesmerizing backwaters. You can experience the tranquility of nature with the lush green landscape, beautiful villages and houses that surround the backwaters. Alleppey- which is known as the ‘Venice of East’ tops the list of best backwater destinations in Kerala. It is always advisable that you book for the houseboat well in advance to avoid any problems during the tourist season.

5. Take The Spice Tour

SpicesPhoto by brookpeterson, CC BY-ND 2.0

Spices have always been an integral part of Kerala’s history and culture. Ginger, pepper, cinnamon and cardamom are few of the spices grown here. You can take a tour through these plantations and get to know how fresh spices taste. Munnar, Wayanad and Thekkady are few places where you can explore the spice farms. Most of the hotels include spice tour is their packages but it’s advised that you confirm it before-hand.

6. Kathakali And Kalaripayattu Performance

KathakaliPhoto by spisharam, CC BY 2.0

Kathakali is traditional Kerala dance-drama that is quite unusual and unique. The colorful and heavy costumes used in this drama are not something that you get to see every day. The dance movements are quite subtle and they are used to narrate mythological stories. The artists here depict the stories through beautiful eye expressions. The Cochin Cultural Center and Kerala Kathakali Center are the best places to watch the Kathakali performance. Kalaripayattu is a traditional form of martial arts practiced in Kerala.

A tour to Kerala is definitely worth all the money and time that you put in as it offers the best of the natural and cultural experience that sooth your senses. Hence, a vacation to Kerala is a must to experience all the fun, entertainment and thrill that you always missed in your life.