The Natural Beauty Of Kerala

To say that Kerala is a beautiful place would be barely even scraping the tip of the iceberg with a dull spoon. India has been known for a lot of aesthetically pleasing things, unique holiday festivals, some of the most beautiful Hindu temples on the planet, and a robust agricultural system (consistently one of the three on the planet, which most likely has been a contributing factor for the rising economy!), but for many people (including myself before some relatively recent research), I never really considered India as a hot spot for purely fun “tourist trap” style fun: until now. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean the term tourist trap as a bad thing (although in the case of some places like Hawaii, where everything is overpriced and crowded, the term probably has a negative stigma to it!), but in the case of Kerala, there is simply an entertaining magnetism to it.


This homestay found in the village of Ashtamudi (which is also the same name as the lake in this photo) has been given the highly illustrious title of “Class A – Diamond Class” which I would assume means it is one of the best in the state of Kerala and probably all of India or even the world itself. © Peterwurst44.

Now I’m not sure what the price of renting a nice homestay such as the one in the above photo would be, but considering that it’s located in India, I imagine it would be exceptionally competitively priced compared to many other nations. That said though, I’d like to steer away from the idea of picturing Kerala as a tourist trap, since the natural beauty of India seems to be typified in many of the surrounding areas. Beautiful flora and fauna are sure to be found, though I’d recommend getting a guide and doing some research on a specific area before going out for a hike (I don’t like the idea of running out of a hotel room into an unknown wilderness and getting lost or eaten by a tiger just in the misguided pursuit of ‘adventure’!) Since agriculture is so important to Kerala, it generally trumps every other decision made to this area.


This breath taking scenery shot of a landscape in Kerala is something that would probably come as a surprise for people who are relatively unfamiliar with India. Contrary to many popular misconceptions about western Asia, there is a great deal of forests and vegetation to be found, not just vast deserts. © Poorna Kedar.

I’m looking forward to a time when I can visit Kerala if nothing else just to enjoy a quiet walk through some of the peaceful wilderness, swap stories with some friendly locals and generally be an embarrassingly unashamed sight-seeing tourist!


It’s not too surprising for me to see animals being treated humanely in India, since the nation is one of the more progressive ones when it comes to safe guarding the rights of animals. Here we see the ankles of these camels tied with a rope that isn’t too coarse for their fine fur, to keep them from running away and possibly getting themselves injured. © Bombman.